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Blues come into the fray on the raw grit and soul of Clifford Curry’s “Christmas Ain’t No Time For The Blues”. From the fantastic harmonica to the ragtime style of the piano, everything simply swings. Full of humor the song simply stuns.
By Roman Vasquez added "Christmas Ain't No Time For The Blues" to their playlist on October 15th .

Christmnas Ain't No Time For The Blues" debuted October 20th 8pm EST on The Plain Jane Wisdom Show hosted by Devon O'Day & Kim McLean.

Stubby's House of Christmas review says: "Clifford's new Christmas single "Christmas Ain't No Time For The Blues" is a fairly straight ahead Blues tune and well worth the price of admission"

Christophe Marcy says: “Very very very very good! This project will join the playlist of 'NETRADIO Christmas’ ”

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Thank you for sending me Mr. Curry's Christmas Ain't No Time For The Blues single. I think it is excellent, as is Mr. Johnson's harp playing. I will be adding to our playlist within the next 24 hours" Art Polimeno ( ChristmasRadio )

"I put it (in) rotation" - Johnny Draper (The Great 98 - 97.9 WTRG)

"will definitely add this to my playlist for the Christmas season." - Willie C (Beach Music Cafe Show)

"I was happy to download Clifford Curry's song and share it with listeners to my Catfish Blues shows." - Edoardo Fassio (Radio Flash 97.6 FM)

Check out the new Deep Roots Review HERE

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